Civitas WEEDfree brand concentrate from Intelligro now available in California

The availability of Civitas WEEDfree brand concentrate, a hybrid selective herbicide, continues to expand with its most recent approval in California. After the initial launch into the other U.S. states in 2015, it has now been approved by the California Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR). This latest California approval marks the availability of this sustainable product across all U.S. states.

“Civitas WEEDfree brand concentrate is a product that lawn and landscape professionals can get excited about because it is effective, resourceful and affordable – something that up until now many products have not been able to achieve,” said Reinie Drygala, global sales manager, Intelligro. “These professionals can have confidence in how it works and feel good about doing more with less.”

When used as directed, the specially formulated solution kills over 60 listed broadleaf weeds without harming lawns and with no offensive odor. Its patent-pending Microtechnology improves absorption into the weeds, which allows for fewer active ingredients without reducing efficacy. In fact, people will begin to see visible injury on weeds within 12 hours of application.

“Approval in California signifies this solution has met some of the strictest environmental requirements across the United States,” said Judith Guido, 25-year green industry veteran and chairwoman of Guido & Associates. “With Californians’ insatiable desire for year-round outdoor living, in conjunction with their relentless demand for sustainable products, Intelligro’s Civitas WEEDfree brand concentrate will be a clear winner.”

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