Classen introduces reciprocating aerator

Classen announced on Feb. 19 the expansion of its line of turf aeration equipment with the addition of a reciprocating aerator. The new RA-21 reciprocating aerator is designed to the core attributes of the brand — easy to use and designed to last. Classen addresses many of the pain points associated with reciprocating aerators, including limited aeration swath, difficulty of use and maintenance, and the high price tag often associated with reciprocating tine machines. The RA-21 offers a 21-inch aeration swath for excellent coverage in a single pass, which is made possible through an 8-tine bank that penetrates even the toughest soil conditions at a depth up to 2.75 inches. The core tines reciprocate at 450 revolutions per minute and cover up to 26,000 square feet per hour. Classen achieves these results without a complicated and costly hydraulic system or added weight. As with all Classen turf care products, simplicity is built in the RA-21. An open design allows for clear, unobstructed access to the engine. The rust-resistant tine shield is lightweight and easy to remove for access to the tines and drive belt. And, because the RA-21 doesn’t utilize hydraulics to independently drive the tines, the operator controls are simple.

Classen/Schiller Grounds Care, Inc.