The California Landscape Contractors Association (CLCA) has become a new partner for the WaterSmart Innovations Conference and Exhibition in Las Vegas.

CLCA new WaterSmart Innovations Conference partner

The California Landscape Contractors Association (CLCA) has become a new partner for the WaterSmart Innovations Conference and Exhibition in Las Vegas. The WaterSmart Innovations Conference and Exposition is the largest urban-water efficiency conference of its kind in the world. Presented by the Southern Nevada Water Authority and numerous forward-thinking organizations, the 4th annual Conference will be held October 5-7, 2011, at the South Point Hotel and Conference Center in Las Vegas. This event is the premier place to learn about new water saving techniques and technology.

This year’s event features journalist Charles Fishman, author of The Big Thirst: The Secret Life and Turbulent Future of Water as the keynote speaker and also includes the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Annual WaterSense Partner of the Year Awards. Launched in 2006, WaterSense is an EPA-sponsored partnership program that seeks to protect the future of our nation’s water supply by promoting water efficiency and enhancing the market for water-efficient products, programs, and practices. This award honors those who have helped to promote the WaterSense label.

“We are proud to be part of this exciting event,” said David Silva, Program Manager for CLCA’s Water Management Certification Program. The WaterSmart Innovations Conference features speakers from around the globe, who share their first hand experiences in water efficient programs, policies and practices. CLCA member Peter Estournes, of Gardenworks Inc. in Healdsburg California, will also be presenting on behalf of CLCA, a session entitled, The Benefits of Water Budgeting and Why It is an Efficient Method of Reducing Outdoor Water Usage, one of the many diverse educational sessions at the Conference.”

Well versed in establishing and maintaining assigned water budgets for multiple types of properties, Peter Estournes is a CLCA Certified Expert Water Manager. California’s updated Model Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance requires increased landscape water conservation throughout the state and CLCA’s Water Management Certification Program helps green industry professionals meet the need to reduce landscape water usage by meeting a water budget. This program is unique because participants not only take a written test, they are also required to manage at least one property to a water budget for one year to achieve certification and to submit an irrigation system audit. Participants are then required to continue to maintain a property to a water budget to continue their certification. 

The WaterSmart Innovations Conference will also feature an expo where participants can see and learn about the latest in water efficiency products and services. Prospective exhibitors include appliance companies, plumbing innovations, irrigation products, software and other related technology designed to help businesses and agencies become more water efficient. For more information about the conference or to become an exhibitor, please go to