ClubCar Carryalls with EFI engines

Carryall utility and transport vehicles have been rebuilt from the ground up to improve:

  • Power, fuel-efficiency and emissions. Best-in-class 14-hp.-rated Subaru overhead cam engines (OHC) with electronic fuel injection (EFI) and hemispherical heads boost power, improve fuel efficiency and cut carbon emissions. The engines save up to $500 a year in gasoline alone.
  • Versatility and productivity. Club Car’s VersAttach track-based bed attachment system accommodates specially made tool holders, water cooler and bucket holders, backpack blowers and other equipment. This frees floor space, protects your assets, and lets you do more with less.
  • Problems with rust and bed damage. Rustproof corrosion-resistant aluminum frames and a Rhino-lined bed box increase durability and life span.
  • Charging. Most electric Carryalls feature an exclusive on-board, high-frequency charger with integrated cord retractor. The solid-state, global chargers issue audible and visual alerts to help prevent charging errors.