Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper proclaimed July 2013 as Smart Irrigation Month for the State of Colorado. This is the second consecutive year that Colorado has recognized Smart Irrigation Month, an Irrigation Association initiative that began in 2005.

“Colorado recognizing the month of July as Smart Irrigation Month for the second year in a row reinforces the continued importance of efficient irrigation for our industry,” said Lowell Kaufhold, president of CPS Distributors, Inc. and the Smart Irrigation Month Committee member behind the 2013 effort.

Focusing on July, a time of peak water demand in North America, Smart Irrigation Month is dedicated to increasing public awareness of the value of water-use efficiency, water-saving products, practices and services. It is designed to:

Educate homeowners, businesses, growers and other users about simple ways to save money and water. 
Encourage industry firms and professionals to promote smart irrigation practices and technologies to customers. 
Help water providers minimize peak water use and reduce demands on infrastructure in their communities. 
Reinforce the role efficient irrigation plays in providing real solutions to today’s water challenges.

“We are pleased that the State of Colorado has again proclaimed Smart Irrigation Month,” noted Chad Forcey, state affairs director for the Irrigation Association. “We thank Governor Hickenlooper for keeping efficient irrigation front and center in the minds of homeowners, lawmakers and all citizens of the Centennial State.”

All industry professionals and businesses are encouraged to participate in Smart Irrigation Month. Campaign participants are also invited to submit their marketing materials by Aug. 30, 2013 to the Smart Marketing Contest which honors the companies who best incorporate Smart Irrigation Month messaging, branding and quality.

Visit the Smart Irrigation Month web site for more details on the initiative. For more information on the 2013 Smart Marketing Contest, click here.