The latest commercial walk-behind mowers.

Commercial Walk-behind Mowers

Better Outdoor Products

Better Outdoor Products answers the demand for a compact, lightweight dual-drive walk-behind mower with its Quick Dually. Like Better’s popular Quick single-drive hydro mowers, the Dually is easy to operate and maintain. The Dually features Better’s EZR steering control system, which provides two wide and comfortable paddles that offer effortless control of the maintenance-free drive system. Dually’s Speedlock feature allows the user to quickly set the maximum speed. The mower is available in 36- and 44-inch models with Kawasaki twin engines. Preseason prices start $3,300. For more information, visit

Country Clipper Trek-Hydro

The Country Clipper Trek-Hydro offers Country Clipper’s patented stand-up deck that positions the deck vertically for easy maintenance and under-deck access. Twin tracking levers place ground speed and “on-the-go” tracking adjustment at your fingertips. The Trek-Hydro also features a full floating deck, convenient cutting height adjustment, and large fuel capacity. Cast iron spindles and a heavy-gauge steel deck with front “bull-nose” reinforcement make the Trek-Hydro virtually indestructible. For more information, or to locate your nearest dealer, visit


Cub Cadet Commercial H 1748

The Cub Cadet Commercial H 1748 features a professional-grade Kawasaki V-Twin engine provides the strength for year after year of tough, reliable power and durability. In addition, it features a 48-inch fixed fabricated deck that boasts a durable 10-gauge steel top, reinforced at the spindle area. The 7-gauge steel skirt is fortified with solid-steel reinforcements for extra strength and protection. The wide rear stance provides greater stability on hills. The 5-gallon fuel tank capacity on the H 1748 provides for longer running time and increased productivity. Exclusive Crew Boss hour meter/tachometer lets you know when it’s time for regular maintenance. For more information, visit


The Eastman Commercial ST 21K striper is a 21-inch rotary self-propelled striping mower. The mower is driven by a shaft-drive transmission and heavy steel roller. It has a wide application for golf courses, athletic fields and ballparks where a beautiful striping effect is desired. The ST 21K features a Kawasaki 6-hp. FC180V 4 cycle. The cut height is 1/2-inch to 3 inches with seven adjustment positions. The Eastman Commercial ST 21K striper offers a one-year commercial warranty. For more information, visit

EverRide Wasp gear drive

Ariens introduced the new EverRide Wasp gear-drive walk-behind mower. Small but durable, this tough walk-behind mower has a 7-gauge laser-cut steel deck and twin hydraulic pumps. The Wasp 5-speed peerless gear drive with pistol-grip handles is available with a 32-, 36- or 48-inch deck and a 13-hp. or 15-hp. Kawasaki Kai engine. With a cutting height from 1-1/2 to 4 inches and heavy-duty blades, the mower’s sharp turning radius trimming ability enables operators to maneuver easily. For more information visit

Exmark Turf Tracer

The Exmark Turf Tracer is powered by a 23-hp. Kawasaki engine, and is available with 52- and 60-inch cutting decks. The Turf Tracer features Exmark’s exclusive Enhanced Control System (ECS). The Turf Tracer comes standard with heavy-duty canister air filtration systems, which improve engine life, simplify maintenance, and boost overall productivity. Ground speeds range up to 6.75 mph. A large-capacity electromagnetic PTO clutch delivers maximum life and durability and features a 2-year limited warranty. Turf Tracer comes standard with 11 x 4.0-5 smooth tread, semi-pneumatic, front caster tires, which nearly eliminate flat tires. For more information, visit

Ferris HydroDrive

Ferris introduced a new dual-transmission walk-behind workhorse, the HydroDrive. The HydroDrive features a 16-hp. Vanguard engine with 48-inch cutting width. The dual-path hydrostatic transmission system provides smooth, reliable operation. Each drive wheel is individually fan-cooled and filtered. The HydroDrive also features dual hydro fluid reservoirs to protect each hydro system from contamination. Operators can set their speed with the cruise control bar and change direction quickly and easily from left to right with the hand controls. The new easy-to-use quick-height-of-cut control takes the effort out of adjusting cutting height from 1.5 inches to 4.5 inches. The discharge chute is made from recycled rubber that flexes when it comes in contact with objects. The Ferris HydroDrive is backed by a two-year limited commercial warranty including parts and labor. For more information, visit

Gravely GR1332FX gear-drive walk-behind

Ariens Company offers the Gravely GR1332FX gear-drive walk-behind. Featuring a 13-hp. Kawasaki engine, peerless 5-speed gear drive, 5.4 mph forward with reverse assist, and 13-inch drive tires, the Gravely GR1332FX is designed to operate efficiently without sacrificing quality of cut. Additional features include a 7-gauge fabricated and welded-steel construction, 5-inch deep airflow cut chamber, maintenance-free spindles, 1.5-inch to 4-inch height of cut, pistol grip, and a large-diameter fuel cap for refueling. For more information visit

Honda commercial mowers

Completely re-engineered from the ground up are Honda’s HRC Commercial Series mowers. The HRC series consists of two models: the self-propelled hydrostatic drive HRC216HXA, and push-type HRC216PDA. The HRC Series’ mowing performance is enhanced by offering Honda’s exclusive MicroCut twin-blade mulching technology. The HRC mowers are strong, fast, lightweight, more efficient, and incorporate several key features:

Dome-shaped deck design that facilitates both bagging and mulching while delivering finer clipping particles;
Offset twin-blade MicroCut System;
Hydrostatic cruise control transmission that has been redesigned for increased durability and higher top speed; (HXA model only)
Improved handlebars that are now adjustable for height;
Front bumper provides mower deck and engine protection, and also allows convenient transport tie down;
Durable, lightweight Xenoy wheels with axle protectors.

For more information, visit


Husqvarna hydro walk-behind commercial mower line

Husqvarna is introducing nine new hydro walk behind mower models that will help professionals accomplish their tasks more efficiently. The new hydro walk-behind line features fixed and floating deck designs ranging in size from 36 inches to 61 inches. All models are powered by commercial-grade Kawasaki V-Twin engines ranging from 15 to 23 horsepower. A new drive system features a Kanzaki 10-cc tandem-style pump, Parker wheel motors, and an easy-to-access control knob for tracking adjustments. Professionals will also appreciate the pistol-type operator interface that features an integrated operator presence control, thumb slide locks for neutral and easy-to-reach drive levers for added intuitive and ergonomic advantages. The speed control lever also features an automatic pump bypass in the neutral lock position to prevent creeping and assist with cold starting. A foot-operated brake helps secure the units for easier transport. The cutting deck is constructed of 10-gauge steel with 7-gauge side skirts, and is balanced for optimal performance on side hills. Reinforced front casters and caster bearings ensure long life while jumping on and off curbs. All of the control linkages are protected by the handle to avoid impact and damage during transport. These products will be available March 1, 2009 at Husqvarna dealers nationwide. For more information, visit

Hustler Turf Equipment TrimStar hydro walk-behind

The TrimStar is a feature-rich walk-behind mower that is outstanding on slopes. The newly-designed, full floating decks offer a high-quality cut and finished appearance. In side-discharge or mulch, the TrimStar Hydro will produce an immaculate lawn. The superior drive system offers integrated, serviceable IZT transmissions — and no hoses or leaks. The transmission lever allows users to put transmissions in drive, tow, or set the integrated park brake. The Patented H-Bar steering system is easy to learn, and now features cruise control. The discharge chute flips over completely for easy passage through gates and loading on trailers. The TrimStar features either 15-hp. or 17-hp. Kawasaki air-cooled gasoline engines, and 36- or 48-inch full-floating decks. There are no daily lube points. The TrimStar offers a limited two-year warranty (parts and labor), lifetime warranty on the leading edge of the deck, three years on blade-spindle bearings, and three years on front-caster bearings. For more information, visit

John Deere 7G18 commercial walk-behind mower

The John Deere 7G18 was designed with ease of operation and increased productivity in mind. Automatic-release thumb latches provide greater operator comfort and convenience, and a standard reverse assist increases operator productivity in those areas. And now, for the first time ever, the industry-exclusive 7-Iron II deck is available to landscaping professionals on a tighter budget. The 7G18 boasts an 18-hp. air-cooled, Kohler Command Pro gas engine; 7-mph transport speed; overhead-valve engine design for easier starting, greater fuel efficiency, lower noise levels and cooler operating temperatures ; and heavy-duty, five-speed gear transmission that provides a variety of mowing speeds. Reverse assist increases operator productivity in those areas where quick reverse is needed and increases efficiency when backing up, loading trailers or on hilly terrain. Larger drive pulleys enable more belt/pulley contact, providing better grip and less wear for maximum belt life. 48-inch 7-Iron II commercial mower deck provides a powerful vacuuming action to lift the grass and create better airflow. Five-gallon fuel capacity means fewer refills. For more information, visit

Red Hawk hydro drive

The Red Hawk hydro drive offers a one-year commercial warranty. It features 1/5-inch to 4-inch cutting height, dual hydro-gear, zero-turn transaxles, grease zerks on spindles, a parking brake, quick tracking adjustment, simplified belt replacement, a 7-gauge fabricated steel deck, and five-gallon fuel tank. It also offers 16×6.50-8 turf tread drive wheels and 9×3.5-4 smooth tread front tires. Optional mulch kit, grass catcher and sulky are available. For more information, visit

Scag SWZ walk-behind

The Scag SWZ hydro-drive walk-behind mower offers a 36-inch Advantage, or 48-, 52-, or 61-inch Velocity Plus cutter deck, and engine choices from 16 to 21 hp. Other heavy-duty features include a dual pump/motor drive system, Scag’s ultra-tough cutter deck spindles with cast-iron housings and tapered roller bearings, and standard flat-free front caster tires. Visit to find the Scag dealer nearest you.

Snapper Pro SW20 walk-behind

Snapper Pro introduced the all new SW20 walk-behind. The SW20 features your choice of a 13-hp. Kawasaki engine with 36-inch cutting width or a 17-hp. Kawasaki engine with 48-inch cutting width. All models feature a dual path hydrostatic transmission system provides smooth, reliable operation. Each drive wheel is individually fan cooled and filtered. The new easy-to-use quick-height-of-cut control takes the effort out of adjusting cutting height from 1.5 inches to 4.5 inches in 1/4-inch increments. The discharge chute is made from recycled rubber that flexes when it comes in contact with objects. The ergonomically designed control panel with fuel gauge and hour meter makes viewing easy. The Snapper PRO SW20 is backed by a two-year limited commercial warranty including parts and labor. Available accessories for the SW20 include grass catcher and mulch kit. For more information, visit

Split T-Bar controls introduced on Toro hydro mid-size walk-behind mowers

The Toro Company introduced new Split T-Bar controls on its line of floating deck, hydrostatic drive, mid-size walk-behind mowers. The new controls incorporate a split version of the classic T-Bar operation with the addition of dual-reference bars for more precise maneuvers, making Toro mowers easier to operate, and giving operators a leg up on productivity. The Split T-Bar Hydro uses straightforward control logic — push to go forward, pull back for reverse — that makes the controls easy to understand and master. The power source also contributes to operator productivity — with a choice of a 17- or 19-hp. Kawasaki KAI V-twin engine. Operators can select the size of their mower, with 36-, 40-, 48-, and 52-inch Turbo Force decks available. The Split T-Bar Hydro comes standard with the patented Toro Turbo Force adjustable discharge baffle, five-inch deep deck design, 6.2 miles per hour forward ground speed, and a hassle-free electric start engine. Machines can be customized for weight distribution to suit operator preference. For more information, visit

The Walker by Walker

The Walker by Walker is a compact, mid-size, walk-behind mower by Walker Manufacturing. The 15-hp. Kawasaki engine with full-pressure lubrication delivers the power needed to run all Walker side-discharge and mulching decks up to 56 inches — the same full-floating decks that are run on the Walker Rider also mount on the walk-behind, including the deck tilt-up function. Like the Walker Rider, a castering tail wheel on the tractor allows the deck to move independently with flexible deck suspension and spring counter-weighting allowing the deck to “float” and follow ground contour for a beautiful cut. A simple forward speed control system and easy-to-use steering controls eliminate thumb locks and allow the Walker to handle much like the Walker Rider. Two HydroGear integrated, zero-turn transaxles give the operator the ability to maneuver into tight areas, trim close and finish the job in one pass. For more information, visit

Wright Velke pistol grip mower

Wright Manufacturing’s Velke pistol grip mowers, with deck widths of 32, 36, 48 and 52 inches, can be operated as a walk behind or it can be paired with Wright’s Velke fold-away sulky for ride-behind convenience. The mower has an integrated latch system for easy deployment and stowage of Wright’s patented Velke sulky. With the complete Velke system, you can back in and out of tight spots and make turns quickly. The Velke is compact, yet has large drive tires. A simpler hydraulic control system with fewer components increases the mower’s reliability. For more information, visit