Adding all-natural matter such as Bio S.I. Technology’s Lawn & Garden Formula to soil and applying chemical-free water cleansers like Bio S.I.’s Water Doctor Products are effective ways to maintain the health lawns, gardens, and water features while conserving water and preserving water quality.

In the United States alone, we devote more than 7 billion gallons of fresh water to residential landscape irrigation every day. Bio S.I.’s Lawn & Garden Formula is an all-natural solution that enables soil to store moisture and nutrients most effectively, thus reducing our daily consumption of water. By building healthy and efficient soil, the grasses, flowers, fruits and vegetables in the landscape have optimum growing conditions while you are effectively decreasing water use.

Bio S.I.’s Lawn & Garden Formula uses naturally occurring microbes that convert organic matter into humus, decompose plant debris, break down chemical residues, and decrease the amount of fertilizer needed for vigorous growth in lawns and gardens. The benefits to water management by the Lawn & Garden Formula are twofold; first, because the soil has increased water retention you can conserve water and, second, by using an all-natural formula that increases the effectiveness of fertilizer, you can use less fertilizer, which reduces the amount of chemicals that seep into water systems. After applying Bio S.I.’s Lawn & Garden Formula users can expect greener, more vigorous lawns, colorful flowers and tastier fruits and vegetables, adaptable plants that are more equipped to survive drought, reduced water use, decreased costs on fertilizer, and a lawn and garden that is organic.

“Microbes are essential for healthy natural environments,” explains Wayne Tucker, founder of Bio S.I. Technology. “Our formulas infuse these environments with microbes that break down chemical residues and organic matter to create healthier environments that store and use valuable water and nutrients most effectively.”