CORE Outdoor Power, the sole manufacturer of GasLess outdoor power equipment for commercial markets and the discerning homeowner, announced on April 15 the launch of its most powerful line yet, CORE Elite. The latest addition to CORE’s suite of GasLess equipment currently features a higher-performance string trimmer and handheld blower with more products being introduced in the future, including a lawn mower and hedge trimmer.

As CORE continues to evolve its proprietary motor technology to address additional market needs for the environmentally and economically conscious commercial landscaper, upgrades to the technology have packed twice the torque into the same lightweight, emission-free package. CORE Elite boasts more power, increased efficiency and even longer run times.

“We are excited to introduce yet another real solution for commercial landscapers who, up until this point, have sacrificed power and performance with other non-gas-powered products on the market today,” said Lincoln Jore, president of CORE Outdoor Power. “As our motor technology continues to improve, we plan to introduce additional products that meet this same standard for professional users.”

Weighing only 11 pounds with power cell, the new E 400 string trimmer features up to a 16-inch swath, .095-inch-diameter trimmer line and torque equivalent to a 45-cc gas engine. The 10-pound E 420 handheld blower produces wind speeds of up to 130 mph with airflow of up to 500 cfm. Both products feature soft-grip molding, offering increased durability and comfort for tackling even the most labor-intensive jobs with the same quiet operation.

The new line utilizes CORE’s state-of-the-art motor that works by embedding copper-etched conductors into a multi-layered circuit board stator. When coupled with permanent magnets, it produces high torque at extremely high efficiencies with zero negative impact on the environment.

CORE Elite is now available for purchase online at and from more than 1,700 dealers nationwide.

CORE Outdoor Power