Coyote introduces PerfEdge steel landscape edging

PerfEdge steel landscape edging from Coyote Landscape Products is ideal for landscaped areas where water accumulation can occur. The perforated design allows surface water to drain from unwanted locations, keeping areas dry and usable. Use PerfEdge to permanently delineate landscape beds, walkways, and gardens from lawn areas while promoting water movement and drainage. Encouraging water flow and proper drainage helps improve plant life in landscaped areas. It also helps protect your home’s foundation from damage due to ponding water.

For landscape professionals, PerfEdge is available in 10-foot-by-4-inch pieces in either 20- or 16-GA thickness. Finishes include raw steel, galvanized, or one of Coyote’s three EcoCoat colors: black, brown, or green. Coyote’s EcoCoat process is an earth-friendly powder coating process with virtually no VOCs or waste byproducts released to the environment.