Cub Cadet acquires Advanced Turf Technology

Cub Cadet, a worldwide leader in outdoor power equipment, expanded its presence in the sports turf market with the acquisition of Advanced Turf Technology (ATT). The UK-based company produces cutting reel mowers and cassettes specially designed for the sports field and golf maintenance markets.

The recent acquisition and continued investment in technology is part of Cub Cadet’s commitment to provide turf professionals with innovative power equipment and tools to cover all aspects of precision turf care. This acquisition follows the recent acquisitions of CORE Outdoor Power (CORE) and Precise Path Robotics.

“The addition of Advanced Turf Technology into the MTD family further demonstrates our ongoing commitment to the professional turf markets,” said Rob Moll, CEO, MTD Products, which includes the Cub Cadet brand. “Cub Cadet is dedicated to providing innovative products that enable turf managers worldwide to produce the highest quality playing surfaces. Beyond improving productivity, these products enhance environmental stewardship – an increasingly important attribute for many groundsmen and facilities worldwide.”

Well-established flagship products from Advanced Turf Technology include the TMSystem and the INFiNiCut. These premium, environmentally friendly products have been proven by Premier League clubs, golf courses, and sporting facilities around the world.

The INFiNiCut brings enhanced performance to sports turf by combining a lithium power source with user programmable frequency of clip rate and a dynamic return floating head, allowing the groundsman to optimize machine configuration to turf conditions present on any given day. The ability to set a mower in this way is a first for the sports field sector and will lead Cub Cadet’s entry into the premium sports turf market. As the only all-electric sports field mower in the world, in battery mode, it is so cost effective that it can largely pay for itself through annual fuel savings alone. It can also easily convert to gas power if preferred.

“Here at Leicester City FC, we try and use the latest industry technology where we can to keep the Kingpower Pitch in optimum condition,” explains John Ledwidge, Grounds Manager. “We were interested in the ATT INFiNiCut right from the start. The quality of cut is superb and the different set-up options we can pick on any given day allows us to tailor the mower to get the best finish possible, something we have never been able to do before now.”

Close collaboration over the past two years with the All England Tennis Club, which manages The Championships at Wimbledon, helped refine the product to provide premium results for improved tennis courts.


“These are some of the most prestigious tennis courts in the world, so we want the best equipment to help us maintain a championship performance,” said Neil Stubley, Head Groundsman at the All England Tennis Club. “We’ve seen a dramatic improvement since we began using the INFiNiCut.”

In fact, Stubley was so impressed with the results, they have purchased a fleet for the entire facility.

In addition to tennis facilities, it is also ideal for golf courses.