Custom edging now available from Coyote Landscape Products

Landscape architects can enjoy greater creative freedom in their designs, knowing that Coyote Landscape Products has the ability to create custom products for their specific project requirements. Coyote can turn an architect’s specifications into custom landscaping edging, allowing industry professionals to create beautifully intricate designs without bowing to the limitations of standard lines. From sleek curves to intersecting pathways, Coyote has the means to produce steel edging products to support design projects of any size or configuration.

With Coyote’s expertise in edging and newly expanded production capabilities, the company is pleased to offer an exciting array of custom edging products. Custom options include different lengths, sizes and thicknesses compared to their standard offering, as well as the ability to produce distinctive bends and hidden pockets for a cleaner aesthetic. The steel edging creates a beautiful finished look that is easier to maintain with well-defined borders to separate rocks, grass and landscape beds.

The Coyote team works closely with customers to answer any questions about custom designs and ensure that each order is filled in a timely and efficient manner. Coyote takes pride in offering a large inventory of high-quality products that are made in the USA and delivered with the shortest lead times in the industry. Landscape professionals can send their specifications to the Coyote team at for personalized product designs.