Cyber-Rain, makers of Web-based intelligent central irrigation systems, announced a partnership with Weather Underground, providers of comprehensive weather information.

Weather Underground has developed the world’s largest network of personal weather stations, with 16,000 in the United States and more than 8,000 internationally, that provides the most comprehensive, hyper-localized weather conditions possible. The company’s new forecasting technology, BestForecast, delivers unprecedented levels of transparency by publishing the recent accuracy of its forecasts for each location. Weather Underground is the number two weather site on the Web after with over 20 million unique visitors per month.

Cyber-Rain now offers its professional and residential users with an extraordinary level of weather data precision. This is the most critical component in accurately targeting and adjusting water usage based on actual environmental factors rather than simple timers. Cyber Rain products can reduce water usage by up to 40 percent by automatically adjusting for local weather conditions and are so efficient that they qualify for many water-efficiency rebates.

“As the reliability of real-time weather data is the primary factor in efficient operation of our products, we can now claim the best irrigation systems in the industry,” stated James Krug, Cyber Rain’s CEO. “We look forward to working with Weather Underground to promote increased use of money-saving, water conservation behavior.”

“It’s a natural partnership,” added Alan Steremberg, president of Weather Underground. “Cyber Rain can make the most practical use of our data and allow everyone in our network to feel they are contributing to the rapidly growing water conservation effort.”