DeepRoot, a provider of sustainable solutions for urban landscape management and ecosystem services, announced the successful completion of two high-profile downtown beautification projects in New York City and Miami.

“Cities are positioning their public spaces for the enjoyment of future generations and protection of the environment,” said Graham Ray, executive vice president of the company. “DeepRoot is proud of its advanced solutions that simultaneously enhance our built environment and help manage the ecological challenges that face us.”

In New York City, DeepRoot played an integral part in the renovation, beautification and functionality of Lincoln Center’s streetscape. The project’s landscape architect needed to enhance the appearance and longevity of trees along a section of 65th Street and an on-structure concert area called the Bosque.

The area’s trees had suffered for a long time from inhospitable growing conditions and needed a new solution for long-term viability. DeepRoot provided over one thousand of its Silva Cells, a subsurface integrated tree and stormwater system, to help achieve the vision for the site.

The Silva Cell gave the Lincoln Center project a cost-effective way to provide soil for trees while maintaining a structure needed to support pavement and accommodate surrounding utilities.

DeepRoot is making available a case study ( about the Lincoln Center project and the collaboration by all stakeholders. It outlines the renovation challenges and the solutions put into place for a revitalized Lincoln Center landscape.

In Miami Beach, DeepRoot provided more than 750 Silva Cells to preserve salt-water loving trees at the 111 Lincoln Road Tower Place project. The area is Miami Beach’s premier pedestrian promenade with a modernistic style of retail and residential living.

The architects determined that Silva Cells were the most cost efficient way to ensure that the trees would get the soil they need in an area with large concrete sections. The result is a unique landscape of modern white building architecture accented by a beautiful and mature sub-tropical landscape.

In 2007, DeepRoot introduced the Silva Cell system to solve the need for additional soil and infrastructure for trees in urban areas requiring heavily compacted soil to support pavement and vehicles. Using an innovative frame and deck system, the Silva Cell meets H-20 loading standards while accommodating surrounding utilities.

The Silva Cell is also an important new tool for stormwater management. The soil within the system is able to absorb significant amounts of water from daily rainfall events, reducing non-point source pollution and flooding while retaining one of our most valuable resources.

Silva Cells meet all quality standards and can be used to help earn points on the LEED rating system, an important certification for sustainable development.