DeepRoot launches Silva Cell 2

DeepRoot unveiled a new and improved version of their popular Silva Cell product – Silva Cell 2. The Silva Cell is used to provide an underground framework for growing large trees in an urban area.

After nearly eight years of building greener communities with the Silva Cell, DeepRoot took extensive client feedback and used the input to create a next generation product that is lighter, faster and easier to install. It retains its strength while using less material.  And it does it all at a 10-15% lower price point.

“We are proud to present our new Silva Cell 2,” said Graham Ray, CEO of DeepRoot. “This new, more flexible version of the Silva Cell will allow designers to grow long-living urban trees and manage stormwater runoff while also accommodating a broader variety of projects and design choices.”

So far over 500 projects using Silva Cell have been installed, including approximately 5,000 trees across the world.  Regardless of space or size constraints, the Silva Cell extends the lifetime of trees by allowing them to have access to the healthy conditions they need to thrive. It is also a critical tool as more communities seek to manage storm water on-site to keep local watersheds healthy.

Silva Cell 2 is 20% lighter than the original Silva Cell, reducing the carbon footprint for both materials and shipping. The design of Silva Cell 2 reduces the extent of excavation needed by using space more efficiently while delivering the same functional soil volume.  Silva Cell 2 also allows greater flexibility for project designers. The new design eliminates the steel rod used in the original Silva Cell and uses new materials for even greater durability.