Diamond Mowers Brush Cutter Pro

Diamond Mowers Brush Cutter Pro

Diamond Mowers introduced the Brush Cutter Pro, a new brush cutting attachment designed specifically for less demanding applications.

Inspired by and modeled after Diamond Mowers’ Brush Cutter Pro X (formerly the DLR Rotary Mower), the new Brush Cutter Pro delivers the same versatility and durability with specific tailoring for a broader range of skid-steers and less rigorous applications.

“We wanted to offer our Brush Cutter product to a broader audience, providing our customers with options to match their needs,” said Wayne Baumberger, CEO of Diamond Mowers. “This Brush Cutter Pro provides consumers a lighter weight option for less demanding applications but maintains the same level of quality and support our customers have come to expect.”

The Brush Cutter Pro is designed to handle core land and vegetation management challenges such as cutting tall or thick grass and maintaining fence lines to clearing large-scale brush and small trees. It attaches to skid-steers or compact track loaders and is compatible with both standard and high-flow machines.

Similar to the Brush Cutter Pro X, the new Pro model features four hydraulic motor options. This gives it a competitive advantage by ensuring optimal cutting performance and safe operating speeds at all flow levels. The exclusive oval blade carrier boasts two hardened steel blades that maintain a 72-inch cutting width and effectively slice through grass, brush, branches and small trees up to 5 inches in diameter.

Engineered for up to 250 hours of annual use, the Brush Cutter Pro weighs 1,250 pounds and is designed with an optimal tip speed for maximum cut efficiency and safety. The attachment is priced to retail for approximately $8,250 and is available exclusively through Diamond Mowers’ dealers.