Diamond Mowers Drum Mulcher DC Pro

Diamond Mowers Drum Mulcher DC Pro

Diamond Mowers introduced the Drum Mulcher DC Pro as the latest addition to its lineup of land clearing and vegetation management attachments.

The new Drum Mulcher DC Pro is differentiated by its lighter weight of just 1,350 pounds and its 63cc, two-speed, bent-axis piston motor. This high-torque hydraulic motor allows the DC Pro to spool-up faster and deliver greater force to power through more and larger material.

“The Drum Mulcher DC Pro is more productive than other options in its class based on processing capacity and speed,” said Dan Stachel, executive vice president of Diamond Mowers. “It’s lighter weight design provides versatility for tackling a variety of common land maintenance tasks from managing overgrowth and maintaining fence lines to creating defensible space. The streamlined profile also affords good operator visibility and maneuverability, while the chassis positions the center of gravity close to the loader for optimal stability – even on steep slopes.”

The DC Pro is engineered with a 50-inch cutting width to slice through trees and brush and mulch material up to 8 inches in diameter. The depth control drum features a forward exposure that allows for optimum tree engagement and maximum cut width relative to weight. A rugged chassis guards the motor from ground impact and allows the operator to manipulate downed material and position vegetation for effective mulching. A multi-position push bar features extended serrations for industry-leading material control while the optimized infeed system achieves a complete and high-quality mulch on the first pass, producing an aesthetically desirable chip size and greatly reducing the need for back-dragging and reprocessing.

The Drum Mulcher DC Pro comes standard with Diamond’s exclusive Twin Chisel Planer Teeth that generate fine mulch quickly and efficiently. The attachment also accommodates other teeth options for tackling different types of terrain, including Twin Maul Carbide Teeth ideal for use in rough, rocky terrain, and Four-Point Hardened Steel Teeth well-suited for work in high-production environments.