DIG recently unveiled the ECO1, an innovative solar-powered irrigation timer.

DIG Corp. ECO1 solar-powered irrigation timer

DIG recently unveiled the ECO1, an innovative solar-powered irrigation timer. The ECO1 stands apart from other controllers with its patented ambient light-powered technology. With no need for batteries or direct sunlight, the ECO1 gathers enough energy from surrounding light to operate both day and night and in any weather condition.

Homeowners do not have to dig trenches to lay wires or position their timer so that it can access an A/C power source. Designed with DIG’s core values of quality, environmental conservation and innovation in mind, the ECO1 is a technologically advanced, professional grade product that saves homeowners time, water and money.

The key to ECO1’s growing success among consumers is not only its simplicity, but its efficiency. Utilizing SimpleSmart programming, the ECO1 automatically adjusts watering schedules each month, eliminating under and overwatering and adapting to regional and seasonal changes.

“At DIG, we believe environmental sustainability happens one landscape, one person at a time,” said DIG Marketing Manager Benjamin Raines. “Our technology is easy-to-install and affordable because in addition to saving water and preserving resources, families are interested in saving time and money. They can spend less time worrying about their yards and more time enjoying them with technology that is highly advanced, yet simple to implement.”

The ECO1 offers gardeners an easy to use, cutting edge solution to their landscaping needs. To learn more, visit eco1.digcorp.com.