DIG Corporation is excited to add a valuable addition to its growing team, Director of Sales and Marketing Kevin LeMaster. DIG Corporation also added Director of Engineering John Zaharychuk.

DIG Corporation announces new hires

DIG Corporation is excited to add a valuable addition to its growing team, Director of Sales and Marketing Kevin LeMaster. Having relocated from Cleveland where he worked as a VP of Sales serving on both commercial and retails sides, LeMaster is equally excited to play an integral role in bolstering an eco-friendly business that’s on-trend within an industry that is poised to grow.

“Due to water agencies increasingly enforcing regulations, the industry will grow exponentially over the next five years. DIG Corporation wants to capture as much of that market growth as possible, and I’m tasked with putting the infrastructure in place to ensure it happens, “said LeMaster. “I’m looking forward to being able to drive this business to the next level that we all expect.”

From R&D commitments and mapping tactical plans to calls to specific REP groups to expand distribution channels, LeMaster plans to implement effective strategies both internally and externally that will lead to substantial business growth. He anticipates that DIG Corporation’s new LEIT-1 ambient light powered drip irrigation system will lead the way, placing DIG Corporation on the cutting of the irrigation industry.

DIG Corporation also added Director of Engineering John Zaharychuk. With a telecommunications background, Zaharychuk was looking for a new challenge that also provided an environmental appeal.


“Many found my move into irrigation strange, stating that electronics and water don’t mix very well together. However, the philosophy of good product development is universal,” stated Zaharychuk. “Water is a precious resource and a scarce resource in some areas. Being involved in a growth industry that also helps the environment is a double opportunity with a double appeal.”


   Zaharychuk is dedicated to developing new, high-quality products and getting them out into the market while internally developing processes that will accelerate DIG Corporation’s reaction time to market changes.  He anticipates that DIG Corporation will undergo a period of consolidation to ensure it has a first class infrastructure properly in place in order to move forward with the next generation of products.  This will require balancing existing commitments while simultaneously setting the stage for the future.