DIG debuted the LEIT-1 — the latest addition to its eco-conscious product-line of ambient light powered, LEIT irrigation controllers. The single-station LEIT-1 is unique in that it does not require direct sunlight to operate and commits to using only clean and sustainable energy. It utilizes SimpleSmart programming technology, which provides smart irrigation control made simple and easy.

“DIG believes that in order to effectively conserve water, the technology must be simple, user- friendly and affordable so that people will actually use smart controllers,” said Rick Heenan, DIG Inside Sales Specialist. “The LEIT-1 was designed with that in mind.”

In addition to the LEIT-1, DIG offers a robust inventory of eco-friendly products like the LEIT and LEIT-2ET controllers, 700 series battery controllers, and key drip irrigation products like their EXCEL LFPB dripline, which is an economical drip emitter line that uses fewer materials without compromising strength or quality.

“The irrigation industry is always looking for new methods to save water through improved irrigation practices,” said DIG Marketing Manager Benjamin Raines. “Products that offer easy installation and set-up, smart control and provide unique and beneficial features like our ambient light powered products, continue to gain popularity.”