Providing innovative and eco-conscious products to customers worldwide, DIG recently unveiled a complete rebranding. The refreshed identity and new website embodies DIG’s efforts to preserve the earth’s precious resources and to be the global go-to for affordable irrigation solutions.

“DIG strives to provide some of the most technologically advanced and environmentally sustainable irrigation products in today’s world. At the core of what we do is the belief that water conservation is vitally important,” said Chief Executive Officer David Levy.

DIG’s new tagline, “Water Matters”, is a clever play on words that addresses the importance of preserving water while conveying that DIG deals with matters concerning the use of water. In everything DIG does, the company encourages the nurturing of nature through water conservation. DIG presents ways for consumers to conserve the earth’s finite resources one irrigation solution at a time, and now their new tagline speaks directly to this. 

“We are constantly evolving and striving to achieve the most efficient and economical technological advances for our customers. We believe it’s important that our identity reflects that passion for innovation,” said DIG Marketing Manager Benjamin Raines.

DIG’s new website has a sleek and modern feel and is easy to navigate. Whether customers are homeowners or professionals in the industry, they now can find the information they need in just a few clicks.

“We are thrilled about our new look,” said Raines. “It reflects who we are and what matters to us. We hope our customers will be excited, too.”