Ditch Witch SK1750

Ditch Witch SK1750 features new track system

Contractors looking for the power, versatility and visibility of the Ditch Witch SK1550, can now turn to the Ditch Witch SK1750 and its new track system for added productivity and a smoother ride.

Equipped to handle a wide range of landscape, irrigation and tree-care projects, the SK1750 mini stand-on skid steer is built with the power and reliability to complete any task. The new track system features a tension check window, which allows operators to visually check track tension without threading a separate gauge tool.

The improved track design provides a smooth, comfortable ride with outstanding maneuverability and stability – even when transporting heavy loads across rough terrain. The track design causes less disturbance to the ground, meaning operators can work more efficiently and spend less time repairing damaged turf on the jobsite. Improved roller design means rollers last significantly longer, only further increasing machine reliability and jobsite productivity.