On a recent muggy afternoon, Dow AgroSciences turf and ornamental sales representatives from around the country joined forces with Keep Indianapolis Beautiful to tackle a clean up project at Pogue’s Run Park on Indianapolis’s east side.  The area had become overgrown with invasive brush and infested with poison ivy, so the group gathered to manage the vegetation and help restore the park’s natural landscape. The team of 30 employees took time out of their training conference for an afternoon of “hack and haul” – cutting down invasive honeysuckle trees, carrying away the debris, and treating the stumps to prevent the trees from growing back.

“I think our whole team walked away sweaty, but satisfied, because our time at Pogue’s Run had deeper meaning than simply manual labor,” states Mark Neterer, Turf and Ornamental district sales manager for Dow AgroSciences. “The Dow AgroSciences sales team is truly committed to giving back to the communities where we live and improving the green spaces in our neighborhoods.”

In addition to the labor, employees who are trained and experienced applicators applied herbicides donated by Dow AgroSciences to control the invasive honeysuckle trees and poison ivy, and make the area better for residents to bike and play.