DR Power Equipment celebrates 30th anniversary with limited edition DR field and brush mower

PRO-26 is the company’s most popular field and brush mower model and, to celebrate the product line’s 30th anniversary, it is now available in a camouflage offering for a limited time.

DR partnered with Kryptek Outdoor Group, a veteran-owned business and recognized leader in cutting-edge camouflage innovation. The PRO-26 model is decorated in the Kryptek Mandrake camouflage design, chosen for its advanced layered look. Traditional camouflage repeats a woodland pattern, but the Mandrake pattern has a three-dimensional effect with varying geometric shapes in the foreground, as well as complementary shading in the background to create a heightened depth of field.

The Mandrake camouflage pattern is applied using a specialized powder coating process that fuses the ink at the molecular level, ensuring a tough, durable finish resistant to scratching and fading.

“This special anniversary edition PRO-26 celebrates our company’s history and our love for the great outdoors,” said Matt Bieber, president of DR Power Equipment. “Our field and brush mowers are the cornerstone of DR. We look forward to continuing to develop this line and to introducing new, innovative outdoor equipment to meet our customers’ needs.”

The limited-edition anniversary PRO-26 field and brush mower has an MSRP of $2,699.99.