DR Power unveils DR TreeChopper

DR Power Equipment recently introduced the DR TreeChopper, an ATV-mounted tree cutting tool designed to deal with the growing problem of invasive trees.

Invasive trees are a major concern for farmers, ranchers, and land management organizations across the country. It’s estimated that in the Midwest alone, more than 500,000 acres of pasture are lost to forest encroachment each year. And some tree species such as juniper and spruce often spread over natural firebreak areas (meadows, pastures) and can fuel dangerous wildfires.

The DR TreeChopper is a professional solution to invasive trees and fits within a homeowner’s budget. The TreeChopper has been used for more than 10 years by ranchers and conservation organizations for reclaiming pastures, blazing trails, creating firebreaks, and opening up shooting lanes for hunting.

Made of durable, professional-grade steel, the DR TreeChopper mounts securely to the front of most ATVs and cuts trees up to 4-inches thick in seconds. Unlike skid-steer-mounted tree shears, the DR TreeChopper requires no external power source or stopping and waiting for hydraulic jaws to open and close around the tree. The DR TreeChopper can cut hundreds of trees per hour.

The DR TreeChopper works as follows:

Forward fixed blades on each side of the device score the trunk and help guide the tree toward circular rotating blades in the center.
Just like a pipe cutter slices through metal, circular blades rotate as the ATV accelerates through the trunk, cutting cleanly from each side.
The device’s trailing blade shears off the stump smoothly from the back.
The blades cut flush to the ground, leaving a stump no more than a 1/4-inch high, so the tree won’t re-grow.

Key features of the DR TreeChopper include T-100 tempered-steel blades and a durable, corrosion-resistant powder-coat finish. Field testing with the unit proves the durable blades will cut more than 300,000 trees before they need to be replaced.

Maintaining the DR TreeChopper takes very little effort. DR Power suggests touching up the blades after each use with a flat file and oiling them to prevent rusting. The DR TreeChopper can be repositioned vertically for easy access to the blades or transport.

DR Power Equipment, a division of Country Home Products, Inc.