Eartec Comstar communication system

The latest innovation in Eartec’s line of unique wireless intercoms is Comstar, a multi-station system that allows up to 8 people to communicate in full duplex. This means that users can talk simultaneously just like on a regular telephone.

Comstar intercoms feature miniature belt pack transceivers that weigh only 2.5 oz., and either a lightweight or midweight headset. The System utilizes the low power 1900 MHz band, so no FCC license is required. The Comstar wireless system also provides a microphone mute switch right on each Compak beltpack for those times that privacy is needed.

The Eartec Company has been the leading supplier of wireless headset communication systems for more than 50 years. The hands-free, instantaneous voice communication provided by Comstar allows crews to bring a tree to the ground more efficiently by coordinating placement, chip truck positioning, and a multitude of important job site chores.

For more information, visit www.eartec.com