EarthWay Flex-Select adaptable spreaders

Are you the type of person who has a Swiss Army knife? Well, the Flex-Select Series spreaders (patents pending) are what you have been waiting for. The new Flex-Select Series added two new hopper sizes (80 and 130 pound) and three different broadcast application configurations to its lineup of commercial and professional spreaders. The Flex-Select models feature easily interchangeable shut-off trays (the complete bottom of the hopper including the shut-off) that can easily convert the spreader from the EarthWay EV-N-SPRED capable of spreading all fertilizers and free-flowing granular products, to the EarthWay high-output rock salt/pelletized high SGN material spreader, or to a new low-output low-application-rate fine chemical/fine grass seed spreader. Each application will spread evenly, accurately, and up to a 50 percent wider spread width than other push spreaders. Two chassis types, two hopper sizes, and three unique application trays make for one unbelievable spreader.