Eberly & Collard Public Relations, a public / media relations and advertising firm specializing in the home, garden, design, and agribusiness industries, announced its rebranded company name and online media channels. The company, formally operating as Eberly Public Relations, will enact its new brand effectively immediately. With the introduction of the new name, Eberly & Collard Public Relations is expanding to include a range of online and Social Media devises to enhance communicative activities for the firm and its clients. The changes will enable Eberly & Collard Public Relations personnel and clients to increase publicity levels with the use of multi-platform technology.

An overarching component of the new brand is the company’s name. The addition of Jeff Collard’s last name was an obvious and necessary change. Even though Don Eberly, president and chief executive officer, founded the firm nearly eight years ago, Jeff Collard, who serves as vice president and chief financial officer, joined the firm only six months after the original inception. Eberly and Collard decided to wait to change the name of the company until the firm was well established and widely known.

“With continuous growth and new client accounts over the years, the time for a brand and name change was well overdue,” said Eberly. “Jeff’s work background and education in horticulture and design always have been, and continue to be, the perfect match to complement our service structure.” Eberly’s career path and degree includes a mix of public relations, journalism and education.

As part of the brand launch, the firm has just released a new Web site (www.eberlycollardpr.com) as a means of communicating information about its services, capabilities, and clients’ company and product / service information. The new site was designed with easy-to-access press and product releases along with the ability to follow related news and information through a RSS feed on the Home page.

The site also provides visitors the ability to access Eberly & Collard Public Relations’ four key Social Media channels. These include the firm’s ongoing posts on Twitter, a free social networking and micro-blogging service that enables the company’s personnel to send and receive updates, known as tweets; Flickr, a photo-sharing site on which the firm places photography of its clients’ products and design work; a customized blog on which staff members share how-to narratives quoting clients, product photos, event information, and client-based trend news; a Face book fan page that is used to connect with industry contacts, initiate online discussions, and communicate information about happenings of the firm.

“By embracing and interlocking all of the new social media networks and launching our new Web site, Eberly & Collard Public Relations plans to continue building communications and relationships with industry friends across the globe,” said Collard.

The new brand and its related changes will generate a gamut of features representing a high level of marketing support for clients and the latest technologies, but in a simplified format that addresses the information-sharing needs of the company’s clients and media contacts.

Log onto the new Web site and each of the new media channels which can be easily located on the site’s Home page in a box entitled, “Our Media Channels.”

For more information, contact Don Eberly at deberly@eberlycollardpr.com.