Crary Industries, Inc., manufacturer of Echo Bear Cat outdoor power equipment, released a new 6-inch-capacity chipper, CH6720H. This commercial chipper is hydraulically fed and features a distinctive 6-inch-high-by-13-inch-wide feed opening to accommodate larger brush and tree trimmings. It is powered by an electric start, 720cc Subaru engine for reliable starting, more horsepower, reduced fuel consumption and long life.

The CH6720H also features a cantilever-mounted rotor. This “propeller” style mounting design allows a user to chip wet or stringy wood types with less tendency of product twist or wrap.

The chipper’s hydraulic feed system is electronically controlled. If the rotor speed drops below optimal operational RPM range, the controller pauses the feed roller to allow the rotor to regain speed, and then restarts feeding once optimal rotor RPM is achieved. This AutoFeed function allows for less fatigue on wear parts and maximizes efficiency.

The CH6720H’s 165-pound rotor comes equipped with four reversible, heat-treated steel chipper blades. The four-sided striking anvil is adjustable, allowing for the blades to maintain a sharper cutting edge longer and reduce repairs and blade replacement costs.

The CH6720H is a great fit for tree and landscape service operators, as well as the perfect mid-size chipper for municipalities and rental companies.


Other features of the CH6720H include:

Triple-banded belt driven rotor
33” x 37” chute opening
360-degree rotating discharge tube
NATM certified 1,800-pound torsion axle trailer
2” adjustable height coupler
AutoFeed 2-stage pump hydraulic system