Eco 250 top dresser

Ecolawn Applicator introduced a new generation of top dressers, the ECO 250. A walk-behind self-propelled broadcast spreader, the ECO 250’s controls and levers are ergonomically designed for comfort, control, and accessibility. A newly designed hopper eliminates material bridging with smooth, steep sides and its live conveyor system and agitator maintain steady material flow for consistent even spreading. The ECO 250 Top Dresser is lightweight, highly maneuverable and handles wide open lawns and turf areas with speed and ease.


  • Four-wheel design
  • Broadcast spreader
  • Even 180 spread with dual reverse spinner mechanism
  • Powered with a 5.5-hp.Honda GX 160
  • Polythene hopper 11.5-cu.-ft capacity
  • Controls: feed trap, throttle, live bottom/agitator, and propulsion
  • Walk-behind, self-propelled
  • Quick on the go, easy adjustments
  • Lightweight, 314 lbs.