EPA certifies Toro’s XTRA-SMART EC XTRA irrigation timer

Toro’s XTRA SMART EC XTRA irrigation timer and wireless weather sensor uses the latest in weather-sensing technology to properly irrigate lawns and gardens with minimal waste, saving water. The EPA recognizes this “smart” use of water, certifying the XTRA SMART EC XTRA timer and weather sensor with the WaterSense label.

Irrigation timers must meet stringent requirements to earn the WaterSense label. Timers must be “smart”—that is, able to use weather data to automatically adjust watering according to current conditions. They must adequately water the entire landscape without overwatering, ensuring that plants get just the right amount of water based on current conditions—no more, no less. Additionally, timers must be able to adhere to local watering restrictions, in terms of watering days or water “windows”. Toro’s XTRA SMART EC XTRA meets or exceeds all testing requirements earning the prestigious WaterSense label.

“Toro is proud to partner with EPA’s WaterSense program to help customers easily identify products that help homeowners save water without sacrificing results,” said Alexis Bookman, marketing manager for Toro Irrigation. The XTRA SMART EC XTRA applies water only when plants need it, so homeowners can save water in comparison to manually programmed timers. No more having to rush to turn off the timer every time it rains. No more adjusting run-times during wet or dry months.