EPA WaterSense-certified Toro spray heads now available

The Toro Company has been awarded WaterSense certification by the EPA for its range of 570Z Series spray heads with built-in pressure regulation. The certification was awarded after a thorough evaluation and third-party testing in accordance with the EPA’s WaterSense Specification for Spray Sprinkler Bodies. The 570Z Series sprays met or exceeded the specification’s requirements, which include restrictive tolerances for flow and pressure characteristics, to qualify for the WaterSense certification.

“As responsible stewards of water, we are excited for our 570Z Series products to have been proven to help our customers save water”, said Orion Goe, Toro’s marketing manager for Residential and Commercial Irrigation. “This WaterSense certification is further evidence of Toro’s commitment to meeting the expectations of our customers and the shared goals around being efficient with our natural resources.”

Sponsored by the EPA, the WaterSense program is a voluntary partnership between manufacturers, retailers, distributors, and other stakeholders that allows for products to be labeled as water-efficient when they meet particular requirements specified by the EPA. The WaterSense label makes the identification of water-efficient products easy for professional contractors, homeowners, and consumers, and certifies that labeled products and services use at least 20 percent less water than competing, non-labeled models.

The 570Z Series certification complements an assortment of other WaterSense-certified products in Toro’s irrigation portfolio, such as the EVOLUTION Series controller and Wireless ET Weather Sensor, and certain Sentinel Central Control configurations.

More information on the 570Z Series product can be found by visiting www.toro.com/570Z