Turfco T-5000
Turfco T-5000

Equipment and Technology Focus: Spreaders and Sprayers

The following is our round-up on spreaders and sprayers for landscape and grounds management applications.

Ecolawn Topdressers

With its compact size and the lightest footprint on the market, the demand coming from landscape and grounds maintenance professionals is growing very fast for Ecolawn. With a desire of continually improving its products, Ecolawn is working closely with, and listening to, its users. Wanting to increase the quality of all types of applications, Ecolawn has made a huge difference in spreading materiel with a minimum of ground compaction. Winning features include its simple design for maintenance, its compact size for tight and delicate areas and its capacity for spreading all kinds of material with ease. Contact Ecolawn to find out which model suits your needs.

Ferris Mowers Rover XC FS1200

Ferris updated its Rover XC FS1200 ride-on spreader with a Vanguard 160 engine, making it ideal for those who want a compact spreader but don’t want to sacrifice power and granular capacity. The Rover XC FS1200 provides excellent handling, even on sloped turf, and has a 100-percent stainless-steel frame and coated transmission that resist the corrosive effects of granular chemicals. Its compact size allows for maneuverability and easy access through residential gates and onto smaller trailers. Still, its hopper has 200 pounds of granular capacity allowing you to cover more area efficiently. Simple, ergonomically placed controls allow for easy operation, and the Rover will reach speeds of up to 5 miles per hour.

LESCO ride-on spreaders and sprayers

SiteOne Landscape Supply launched its new, exclusive LESCO ride-on spreaders and sprayers, including the LESCO 100, 200, 300 and 600 applicator models, which feature 100-percent stainless-steel frames and coated Peerless transaxle to resist corrosive granular chemicals for added life. With a low center of gravity, the LESCO Model 100 is ideal for projects that do not require liquid application. The Model 200 releases both dry and liquid material, and features a dual setting spray system with 3- and 10-foot settings for multiple applications. With zero-turn drive and a variable spray system, the Model 300 delivers coverage widths of 2-, 4-, 6- or 8-feet for use in several applications. Dual liquid spray tanks also provide a total capacity of 24 gallons for up to 2.2 acres of coverage. As the largest model in the lineup, the Model 600 offers 12-foot spray coverage, plus a pivoting front axle with a low center of gravity for excellent performance on sloping terrain.

Ryan Lawnaire ZTS with Spyker spreader attachment

In addition to efficient aeration across large properties, the Ryan Lawnaire ZTS features an exclusive commercial electric spreader — manufactured by Spyker — to help users achieve a new level of productivity when aerating and overseeding with the same machine. The spreader hopper holds up to 120 pounds of material, so operators can complete large tasks with fewer refills, getting the job done faster. Also, variable speed control also comes standard, mounted within arm’s reach of the operator platform, allowing for easy control of a spread swath of up to 16 feet. The mounting kit is custom designed to fit on the Ryan Lawnaire ZTS for simple and accurate installation. No cutting, drilling or fabrication is necessary to secure the attachment.

Scag Turf Storm

Built Scag Tough, the Turf Storm stand-on spreader/sprayer is a must-have tool for the serious landscape chemical applicator, and is a natural fit for large commercial properties. With right-sized liquid (60 total gallons) and dry/granular (220 lbs.) capacities, the Turf Storm will help operators get more done per day for maximum productivity and profitability. An 8-foot-wide fold-away spray boom with five nozzles delivers spraying widths of 2, 6, 8 or 10 feet. Dry/granular materials can be spread up to 25 feet wide thanks to a high-torque electric spreader motor. A powerful and efficient 21-hp. Vanguard engine delivers ample power, along with exceptional efficiency and dependable performance. The machine’s 50-amp charging system ensures dependable spreader operation and battery life. The Scag Turf Storm features a 2-year commercial warranty.

Steel Green spreader/sprayer machines

Reduce application time by half with one machine that spreads and sprays simultaneously. Steel Green Manufacturing’s stand-on, zero-turn spreader/sprayer machines are an efficient solution for busy professionals. Steel Green machines feature a decked-out 23.5-hp. engine. The SG52 zero-turn spreader/sprayer is Steel Green’s most productive model. With its dual 30-gallon spray tanks, Spyker 220-pound hydraulic-driven granular system, and high-density poly fertilizer trays, the SG52 holds up to 60 gallons of liquid and 320 pounds of granular product. It’s also compatible with the SG Snowplow and SG Rake attachments. Steel Green machines are fully customizable with options and accessories, including a pressure control system, 12-foot boom, foam marker, and LED light kit. For fertilizer and pesticide applications on large properties or complexes, the SG52 is a game changer.

Turfco T-5000 ride-on spreader/sprayer

The Turfco T-5000 never misses a beat, even at maximum load capacity of 325 pounds of granular material and 60 gallons of solution, thanks to its powerful 22-hp. engine and unique steering-wheel-based drive system. Glide across the turf at speeds up to 7 mph – and cover up to 290,000 sq. ft. per hour. The T-5000’s intuitive operating controls make it easy for operators to get up and running quickly, and the dynamic drive system gives it ample holding power and torque to handle hilly and uneven turf without faltering. The T-5000 is equipped for two-way duty with its matching spread/spray capacity allowing operators simultaneously fertilize and spray for weed control – doubling their productivity. The hydraulically driven spreader allows for 25-foot-wide spread widths; maximum spray width is an industry-best 13 feet.