Equipment and Technology Focus: Wood Handlers

The following is our product round-up on wood handlers (chain saws, chippers, log splitters and stump grinders).


Brave VH1737GX log splitter

The Brave VH1737GX log splitter can be operated in either the vertical or horizontal position, and is powered by a Honda GX270 commercial engine. Offering a 37-ton splitting force, the unit is the largest in a newly redesigned Brave splitter lineup. The redesigned lineup features industrial I-beams for added strength to prevent twisting, as well as a premium 4-stage hydraulic filtration system that keeps the splitter clean from contaminants. Included nylon hydraulic hose sleeves offer protection from abrasive wear, sunlight and accidental spraying from pinhole hose leaks. Log cradles and a heavy-duty log dislodger are standard with new models. Optional fenders and engine guard are also available.


Dosko 13-21T-13H brush chipper

The Dosko 13-21T-13H brush chipper is a high-powered, portable brush chipper. Powered by a 389cc GX Honda engine, making it possible to shred even the toughest brush, this unit boasts a 5.5-inch-by-5-inch infeed opening and a 19-inch-by-19-inch hopper. The unit has a 4-inch-capacity intake. Built for easy transportation, with fold-down handles, 15-inch tires and 32-inch width, this unit was engineered with homeowners in mind; it will easily fit through gates. An optional tow package is available that allows users to tow the chipper behind a lawn/garden tractor, ATV or UTV. Users can create mulch using the double-edge, reversible knife, and make quick work of unsightly brush with the 6-1/2-inch L x 2-1/4-inch W x 3/8-inch D blade and speeds up to 2,274 rpm. If the blade ever gets dull, it can easily be replaced due to the easy-access components that ensure routine maintenance is quick and easy.



Dosko 337-13HC stump grinder

Dosko’s 337-13HC stump grinder is powered by a 389cc Honda GX engine with oil shutdown sensor and a Cyclone air filter, to keep the air/fuel ratio more constant and more than doubles the service interval for air filter maintenance. The direct belt drive features a 3-groove power band with idler bearing belt tensioners, which delivers 2,200 rpm to the cutter wheel. Designed with homeowners and rental businesses in mind, it has five-different handlebar positions to accommodate any user. It is built for easy transportation, at just 32 inches wide, making it able to pass through gates. This stump grinder features Dosko’s side-discharge frame, which moves cuttings out and away from the machine while grinding to keep the operator’s work area cleaner than with the use of channel frame stump grinders. It comes standard with industry-proven Greenteeth that can be rotated in three, 120-degree increments for a fresh cutting edge.


Echo Bear Cat’s new stump grinder family

Crary Industries, Inc., manufacturer of Echo Bear Cat outdoor power equipment, announced the release of its new stump grinder family. This lineup of three powerful stump grinders offers options for home up through commercial use. The new stump grinders are available as the SGACE, SGXTR, and SGPRO. These models feature a strong, 10-gauge steel body and eight strategically positioned Greenteeth on the industry class’s thickest rotor. The stump grinder family bodies are designed for easy-access belt inspection and service, and are able to pass easily through a standard door. Plus, operator-friendly features include easy-to-reach controls and an ergonomic handlebar, adjustable to five positions. Designed for easy maneuverability, the handlebar is fully collapsible for transport and storage. Each Stump Grinder boasts 13-inch pneumatic tires for easier handling and is compatible with Echo Bear Cat’s foam-filled Dura-Tire accessory kit. The new stump grinder family is powered by Briggs & Stratton and Honda engines.


Echo high-power PTO chippers

Crary Industries, Inc., manufacturer of Echo Bear Cat outdoor power equipment, released new 9-inch high-power PTO chippers. The CH9540HP and CH9540HPXT will soon join the lineup of PTO chippers offered worldwide through the authorized Echo Bear Cat dealer network. The new 9-inch models are designed to accommodate users with higher horsepower tractors. With the addition of these two models, users with a full range of horsepower engines can experience the ease and efficiency of Echo Bear Cat equipment. The sleek design of the CH9540HPXT model allows for controlled directional discharge below the limbs of orchard trees, allowing chips to stay below the canopy line and at the base of the trees. Echo Bear Cat carefully engineered this design to ensure efficiency and complete control for the user.


Greenworks Commercial 48V top handle chain saw

Greenworks Commercial introduced the new 48TH12 48V 12-inch brushless top handle saw. Being 30 percent lighter than its gas competition, the 48TH12 is much easier to maneuver in arbor applications. Plus, this saw will be the first product in the Greenworks Commercial line to include the 21700 lithium-ion battery cells. The 21700 battery cells provide more power and lighter weight to its users, along with longer life and improved runtime.

Features and benefits include:

  • Instant Start Technology: no prime, no choke, no pulling necessary
  • 48V 21700 lithium-ion battery offers extreme power with longer runtime
  • Brushless motor delivering more power, quieter operation and longer life
  • Steel bucking spikes for more controlled sawing
  • Automatic oiler to keep maintenance to a minimum
  • Lightweight 12-inch bar and chain design for improved precision in tight spaces

The 48TH12 makes job sites safer with easier maneuverability, all while producing 50 percent less noise and 5 times less vibration than gas-powered top-handle saws.


Iron & Oak SMH2419 skid-steer log splitter

Iron & Oak’s SMH2419 skid-steer log splitter is popular for those who wish to bring the log splitter to their wood pile instead of bringing the pile to their log splitter.

The durable, long-lasting, industrial-grade I-beam allows the unit to be rated for fully loaded, continuous use. The 12-inch heavy-duty wedge can take on even the largest of logs. This horizontal log splitter can split logs up to 25 inches long and 24 inches in diameter. The 24-ton* skid-steer log splitter is operated 100 percent from the cab of the skid-steer. The splitter can be quickly and securely attached using the standard skid-steer plate. The unit comes standard with 9-foot, high-pressure, nylon wrap hoses that protect them from wear and tear and add protection from harsh weather elements.

*The maximum splitting force of 24 tons and pressure of 3,500 psi is dependent on the skid-steer.


MacKissic Mighty Mac wood chippers

The Mighty Mac gravity self-feeding wood chippers make quick work of green and dry branches. With three size capacities to choose from: 3-3/4 inch, 4-3/4 inch, and 5-3/4 inch, there is a model for every user’s cleanup needs. The 3-3/4-inch-capacity model is easily moved around the worksite by hand. The 4-3/4-inch- and 5-3/4-inch-capacity models are easily towed with a lawn tractor or ATV. Also available is a 4-3/4-inch Category 1 quick hitch compatible 3-point hitch machine.  All machines feature heavy steel flywheels, heat-treated D2 tool steel knives, centrifugal clutches, and serviceable bearings that will help to ensure years of service. Dependability, ease of use, and low maintenance make these chippers perfect for any branch clean up need. Available with Briggs & Stratton XR Professional Series engines.


Milwaukee Tool M18 Fuel 16-inch chain saw

When equipped with Milwaukee’s new M18 Fuel Redlithium High Output HD12.0 battery, the M18 Fuel 16-inch chain saw can power through up to 150 cuts in 6×6 cedar on just one charge. This eliminates the hassle of switching out battery packs multiple times during the day. In conjunction with Redlink Plus intelligence and the Powerstate brushless motor, the High Output battery allows users to push the chain saw hard and work all day. The chain saw’s robust, high-strength, all-metal gearing and gear case deliver best-in-class torque and allow it to complete the most demanding applications including cuts in hardwoods.


Morbark Eeger Beever 2131 chipper

With its large capacity and high-production volume reduction capabilities, the Morbark Eeger Beever 2131 chipper is perfect for residential tree services, vegetation management, lot and land clearing, maintenance contractors and municipalities. The 36-inch-high-by-59-inch-wide infeed chute with 20.5-inch-high-by-31-inch-wide throat opening allows for easy feeding of a variety of materials and reduces saw labor, while the TorqMax dual feed wheel compression system provides more than 7,500 lb./ft. of material pulling force. The 2131 boasts a huge list of options to customize the machine, as well as more standard features than any other chipper in its class. The 2131 is also available tracked for right-of-way clearing, highway cleanups and hard-to-reach areas requiring a self-propelled unit for material access. An optional loader also is available.


Rayco RG55 stump cutter

The Rayco RG55 puts together all the features customers want and fits them into a compact gasoline stump cutter. With a 53.4-hp. Kubota gasoline engine, the RG55 boasts a power curve on par or higher than diesel models, and complies with California Air Resources Board and EPA regulations in all 50 states. Operators appreciate the large cutting dimensions (60-inch cutting width, 14-inch cutting depth, and 24.5-inch cutting height), as well as the visibility and protection of the swing-out control station. A slewing ring pivot lowers the machine’s center of gravity and allows for maximum cutting depth across the entire width of the cut.

Wide flotation tires and four-wheel drive allow the RG55 to maintain traction in challenging conditions. A wide hydraulic backfill blade, which folds in for passing through gates, saves time during cleanup, letting users get on to the next job.


Stihl MS 462 C-M and MS 462 R C-M chain saws

The Stihl MS 462 C-M and MS 462 R C-M chain saws feature excellent power-to-weight ratio, and the next generation of the Stihl M-Tronic engine management system, which electronically controls ignition timing and fuel metering. The saws auto-adjust or adapt to varying operating conditions, such as changes in altitude and fuel quality for optimal performance.  An anti-vibration system ensures acceptable handling, especially with longer guide bars.

Features of the Stihl MS 462 C-M chain saws include:

  • Slim sprocket cover reduces weight and wood chip clogging.
  • Unique bumper spike design has fewer teeth with wider spacing.
  • Vertical and horizontal felling marks on the fan housing.
  • Low-emissions engine.
  • Stihl Ematic oil pump.
  • Pre-separation air filtration combined with the HD 2 air filter.
  • Easy maintenance access with cover screws that unlock with just a quarter-turn rotation.
  • Side-access chain tensioner.
  • Toolless fuel and oil filter cap.


Toro introduces new log splitter

Toro recently introduced a new log splitter to its product lineup. Combining durability, precision and reliability, this new machine is ideal for any log-splitting job. Powered by a Honda GX270 engine, the Toro log splitter provides high levels of productivity and jobsite efficiency. This heavy-duty unit has a 22-ton cutting force that can easily split even the toughest logs. Featuring a 12-second cycle time, the 9-inch solid-steel wedge allows for a rapid and clean cut every time. In terms of productivity, the new unit boasts a dual wheel jack to assist in maneuverability over difficult terrain. Additionally, the unit can be operated horizontally or vertically for greater flexibility, and an intuitive control lever simplifies operation. The log splitter also comes with a variety of standard features, including amber front and rear tail lights to meet U.S. and Canadian towing standards, as well as added tail light protection.


Toro PowerPlex 40V Max lithium ion product family

Toro recently introduced the new PowerPlex family of handheld 40V Max lithium-ion products. The product family includes a brushless DC chain saw, brushless DC blower, a 24-inch hedge trimmer, a 13-inch string trimmer/edger, and a 14-inch brushless DC string trimmer. The entire PowerPlex product line was designed to be highly productive and simple to use. For example, the PowerPlex chain saw features a 14-inch bar, and is powered by a brushless DC motor. The PowerPlex chain saw is simple to start and features a no-pull, easy start button. Additionally, the unit features tool-free chain tensioning, allowing the operator to adjust the chain tension by turning a knob. Providing up to 40 cuts on a single charge, the Toro PowerPlex chain saw is both powerful and reliable. The T90 (included) is a 40V Max, 2.5 amp-hour and 90 watt-hour, lithium ion battery, and the T180 (optional upgrade) is a 40V Max, 5.0 amp-hour and 180 watt-hour battery.


Toro STX-26 stump grinder

The Toro STX-26 stump grinder features easy-to-use controls, tracks, an offset grinder head, a hydraulically driven head design and a narrow profile and light footprint – all of which make it the perfect choice for a wide range of stump-grinding applications in a variety of conditions. The integrated track drive increases hillside stability, while the compact footprint allows the unit to fit through standard 36-inch gates. Additionally, the Intelli-Sweep feature automatically adjusts sweep speed based on load on the wheel to maintain optimal operation. The STX-26 provides a cutting depth of up to 12.5 inches below grade, and a 33-inch above-grade cutting height, and is powered by a Kawasaki 730V twin cylinder engine.


New Worx 40V, 14-inch chain saw

The Worx 40V, 14-inch chain saw (WG384) delivers power and performance, along with a high-efficiency, maintenance-free brushless motor, which reduces heat, friction and wear. The cordless chain saw features, automatic, tool-less chain tensioning and automatic chain lubrication. The saw’s brushless motor is powered by two, 20V, Max Lithium 2.0 Ah batteries. Users can press an electronic keypad to monitor battery charge levels. The chain saw comes with a dual-port 60 min. charger. The chain saw includes the Worx Auto-Tension system. Simply turn the dial on the saw’s body, and the system sets the proper chain tension, which helps extend bar and chain life. Automatic oiler provides constant lubrication to bar and chain during operation. A quick-stop chain brake helps prevent accidental cutting before setting down the saw or moving to another location.


Rotary offers vast assortment of Copperhead chain saw parts for 2020

A complete line of Copperhead chain saw bars and chain plus a variety of repair parts and accessories are featured in Rotary’s 2020 master catalog. New items include pro sprocket bars and various multi-part assortments containing carburetors, intake gaskets, filters, standard and metric bolts, bar stud nuts and chain links. Thousands of other professional-grade Copperhead chain saw items are available including plain straps and presets plus low profile, semi-chisel and skip tooth chain in cut loops or 25- and 100-foot reels. Rotary has also introduced a tri-link saw chain featuring titanium-coated full chisel cutters that saw up to 20 percent faster than semi-chisel chain. Engineered for powerful performance, Copperhead saw bars are highlighted in a special 120-page section of the catalog, along with a chain crossover comparison chart and a new chain scale chart. Rotary’s 2020 catalog features hundreds of new items among more than 9,500 different outdoor power equipment parts, tools and accessories.