ET Water Systems, Inc., a leader in Smart irrigation control and efficient water management solutions, today announced that its entire product line is now “Made in the USA.” The company is relocating the production and assembly of its entire line-up of smart irrigation management products to Silicon Valley from Asia. The relocation provides multiple benefits to ET Water by eliminating import tariffs and duties, improving production quality and yield, and accelerating the pace of innovation and new product development.
ET Water’s U.S.-based manufacturing partner is General Electronics Assembly (GEA). GEA operates a 30,000 square foot manufacturing facility in San Jose, California, and is currently ramping up production of current ET Water products while also assisting in pre-production planning and the development of prototypes for upcoming new product launches and line enhancements for ET Water.
GEA is a leading contract manufacturer in the Santa Clara Valley of California. ET Water turned to GEA as its domestic production partner because GEA excels in quick-turn projects; continuous manufacturing, on-demand assembly and flexible production run sizes for some of the world’s most prominent technology companies. GEA is an ISO 9001 & RoHS compliant company specializing in printed circuit board assembly, cable assembly and mechanical assembly.
“By shifting the production of our smart irrigation controllers from China to San Jose, California we are better positioned to collaborate on process engineering to optimize quality and accelerate the speed-to-market of our products, while providing sustainable jobs to American workers,” said Pat McIntyre, CEO, ET Water Systems. “The ‘Made in the USA’ standard represents high quality products produced domestically under American labor and environmental laws, and is a clear extension of our corporate values. What’s more, we are proud to play a role in green jobs creation, which is critical to the fiscal health and market competitiveness of our home state of California.”
ET Water provides customers with comprehensive water efficiency solutions that reduce landscape water consumption by up to half through use of smart irrigation control systems and smart controller retrofits to upgrade legacy irrigation systems. ETwater smart controllers combine state-of-the-art horticulture science with proprietary web-based technology to automate the scheduling and management of irrigation systems for commercial, municipal and residential landscapes. Water is applied to landscapes based on current weather conditions and specific landscape factors, including plant type, soil type, slope and sun/shade conditions to reduce water consumption by up to 50 percent or more while improving landscape quality and reducing runoff pollution.
“By working together with GEA in a collaborative process of manufacturing reengineering, we have improved quality, streamlined manufacturing and procurement, and brought production to the U.S. with a more nimble and flexible manufacturing partner, all within similar scale-of-magnitude product costs,” said Patrick Halahan, Vice President Engineering, ET Water Systems. “ET Water has some truly game-changing products in the pipeline and our partnership with GEA is a critical component for success.”
“ET Water is advancing the smart irrigation market with innovative and disruptive products,” said Eric Chang, CEO of GEA. “By working with the Company at the local level we are able to respond quickly to change control requirements at every stage of manufacturing in order to provide the highest levels of quality, precision, and performance. ET Water’s initial orders were substantive, which have allowed us to increase our workforce by hiring additional employees in San Jose. We value our partnership with ET Water Systems and look forward to executing on long-term success.”