ET Water Systems, Inc. announced Quickdraw, a powerful new software feature that turns any mobile phone with web access into an easy-to-use remote control for the newest generation of ETwater smart controllers. Quickdraw allows property managers and landscape managers to remotely access a series of key commands for real-time control of their ETwater irrigation system.

Landscape managers and property owners/managers spend much of their time in the field without convenient access to their irrigation control system, making real-time scheduling adjustments all but impossible.  ETwater Quickdraw puts direct remote control power into the hands of landscapers and property managers when they’re away from their desks, offering convenient mobile phone access to an array of key system commands, including:

Water Now – allows for manual station watering for 1-60 minutes,
Instant Suspend – lets property managers suspend a scheduled watering event for one, or all controllers,
Real-Time Connect – allows users to immediately implement any schedule modifications

What’s more, Quickdraw eliminates the cost and hassle associated with a dedicated remote control, and lays the technical foundation for additional mobile communication capabilities in the future.

“Quickdraw is yet another example of the innovative capabilities, efficiencies, and ease-of-use that are central to our technology platform and our value proposition to commercial and municipal property managers,” said Pat McIntyre, CEO, ET Water Systems.  “We are pleased to literally put complete power and control in the hands of our customers, and we are committed to continually enhancing our technology platform so that ET Water maintains its technology edge in intelligent irrigation management.”

For more information about Quickdraw, or to discover the many the technological advancements that are making ET Water the pioneer in water conservation and green technology throughout the irrigation management industry, contact us at 888-685-5505 or