Consumers and businesses throughout the U.S. have been facing unprecedented drought conditions, greater water restrictions, and fines for overwatering their property. They rely primarily upon manual estimates and equipment for controlling their outdoor water use. Water is scarce and the costs for using it are increasing. To this end, ETwater is launching a new and highly innovative web service for creating an optimized irrigation plan for any property or site. This enables all property managers, owners, and service personnel to see how best to maintain the most beautiful and healthy landscape using the minimum amount of water necessary.

Accessible through any web browser, with no special login, setup, or training required, the ETwater optimized irrigation plan can be created in four easy steps using an aerial view of the property. After submitting basic landscape details, an analysis of all of the soil, plant, microclimate and other environmental information is automatically made. This automatically produces a report specifying the precise amount of water necessary to maintain a site or landscapes most favorable plant health, which can be compared against actual water use and costs.

”We live in an era where the power of the Internet, and access to large data sets is changing people’s lives. We wanted to see how we could use these systems and methods to help people understand more about their landscapes, and water conservation. We have a treasure trove of information available in our new service, and we have embedded some logic to enable you to see precisely where you may be spending more than is needed to support a healthy landscape,” said Lee M. Williams, SVP Product. “This is just the beginning of where we are going in terms of new products and services that help address these needs.”