ETwater Manager

ETwater Manager is ET Water’s award-winning Smart irrigation solution that revolutionizes irrigation management in commercial and municipal landscapes by creating a highly effective web portal where key irrigation data from multiple sites is aggregated and actionable. ETwater Manager combines user-generated site information with local, real-time weather data and wirelessly connected Smart controllers to create and implement weather-adjusted watering schedules. Users can monitor these schedules, adjust settings, and receive alerts on system operation from any PC, tablet, or smartphone, reducing the need for costly and time-intensive site visits. Key functions such as a Water Budgeting Tool that tracks a site’s water usage against monthly water budgets, an At-A-Glance Dashboard that provides systemwide snapshots across multiple locations, and a Flow Monitoring Service keep landscape managers in the know and in control while reducing water consumption by 20 to 50 percent, staying on budget, beautifying landscapes, and increasing labor efficiency.