Exaktime announces ClockPoint Kiosk

Exaktime, Inc. announced ClockPoint Kiosk, new software that lets office staff clock in on The JobClock System, the leading time and attendance system designed for use in the field.

The JobClock System includes portable devices (JobClock and PocketClock/GPS) that are designed for outdoor field use, where ruggedness, mobility and “no wires” operation is a must. These devices connect to Exaktime’s proprietary software, TimeSummit. With ClockPoint Kiosk, workers in an office can all clock in using a single PC in exactly the same way that field workers would clock in using a JobClock.

“The JobClock is a great solution for outdoor environments in construction, energy, agriculture and more. In fact, it’s the number 1 portable system in the construction trades,” said Tony Pappas, Exaktime’s CEO. “Many of those customers have been demanding an office solution that dovetails with their field timekeeping system. ClockPoint Kiosk delivers that.”

ClockPoint Kiosk software turns any PC, notebook or netbook running Windows XP or Vista into a real-time JobClock. A Keytab Reader is connected using the USB port. Employees can touch their personal Keytabs or FastTrakkers to the Keytab Reader to clock in/out. The PC can continue to be used for other tasks; ClockPoint Kiosk software runs nearly invisibly in the background, even if the PC’s user is logged off.

Each time an employee clocks in/out, the time punch is immediately transferred to the TimeSummit database via the company’s network (wired or wireless). In real time, managers can see who is in the office and for how long.

ClockPoint Kiosk software is available immediately directly from Exaktime. For more information, call 1.888.788.8463 or go to www.exaktime.com