Exaktime, Inc., makers of The JobClock System, announced the full availability of JobClock.NET, a service that enables subscribers to transfer time and attendance records over the Internet from the field. Prior to JobClock.NET, records collected on a PDA from JobClocks and PocketClocks were typically driven into the office by a foreman, where they were transferred to TimeSummit, Exaktime’s time and attendance management software.

JobClock.NET brings added convenience and savings to users of The JobClock System who have jobsites located far from the main office. Because the attendance records can now be securely transferred on the Internet, customers no longer have to drive into the office, saving time, transportation and labor costs.

Hundreds of customers are already using JobClock.NET. These customers were brought on board during a limited availability phase so that the company could ensure a high level of customer service. “We focused on customers that really had to have JobClock.NET. Over the past 3 months we’ve learned a lot about how these customers use the service and what levels of support they need,” said Exaktime President and CEO Tony Pappas. “JobClock.NET has delivered the convenience and savings that we envisioned.”

With JobClock.NET, there are three ways to transfer records from the field to the home office. Most subscribers will simply use a PDA with an Internet connection. Data transmission is secure, and JobClock.NET maintains a backup of all records on its server. Should anything happen to a subscriber’s data at their office, all records sent via the service can be recovered.

JobClock.NET is available immediately directly from Exaktime. To learn more, call 888-788-8463 or visit www.exaktime.com.