Exaktime FastTrakker for The JobClock

 Exaktime Inc. announced FastTrakker, a powerful new solution to the problem of tracking dozens or hundreds of work activities (cost codes) to every employee and work site. Using FastTrakker, businesses get accurate information on exactly how many hours workers spend on different tasks, resulting in better project estimating, compliance with government regulations and stronger business decision making.

FastTrakker is a handheld device that each worker carries with them to quickly clock in for any of 1,000 activities (cost codes) at any number of work sites. The latest addition to The JobClock System, FastTrakker adds highly-detailed information to companies’ time and attendance tracking.

FastTrakker is used with Exaktime’s JobClock System, the #1 time and attendance system designed specifically for the field. A rugged, battery-powered JobClock stays at every jobsite all day, 7 days a week. With FastTrakker, using a thumbwheel and LCD menu display that shows activities in either English or Spanish, workers easily select a cost code. Then they touch the FastTrakker to the JobClock to clock in for the selected activity. To begin another activity, workers simply choose a different cost code and touch the FastTrakker to the JobClock again. The JobClock System keeps track of every activity at every location for every worker, and workers can move freely between jobsites.

The JobClock System takes the guesswork out of payroll by eliminating the use of handwritten timecards and tracking attendance as it happens with 100 percent accuracy, resulting in increased profits and faster payroll processing. FastTrakker adds real-time activity tracking, providing more detailed information for a more powerful solution.

FastTrakker is available immediately directly from Exaktime. For more information, call Exaktime at 888-788-8463 or visit www.exaktime.com.