Get your time records from where they are, to where they need to be – in seconds. ExakTime introduced its new cloud service that securely stores time and attendance records and safely transfers the data from a remote location to a centralized office.

ExakTime’s cloud service works directly with its award-winning time clocks: The wireless JobClock Hornet, the mobile PocketClock/GPS app or the extreme-rugged JobClock/EX.

ExakTime engineers designed the service to quickly transfer and manage millions of time records, digital images, voice recordings and other work-site data each day.

Without ever leaving the jobsite, employees can sync their time records to ExakTime’s cloud service, which wirelessly delivers digital records to ExakTime’s office time and attendance software, TimeSummit.

That means business owners can collect records from nearly anywhere in the world, in near real-time – eliminating the need to send supervisors back to work sites to pick up labor records or other site activity data.

“I never have to track down foremen anymore or tell them to leave the jobsite to deliver time records,” said Tara Kallstrom, payroll supervisor at Kalco Construction. “I just open TimeSummit, and the time records are there waiting for me – less headache for me, and we save 3 to 4 hours a week in drive time.”

ExakTime’s cloud service protects businesses from potential security threats to their computer networks by not requiring users to change their network router settings or other IT related configurations in order to sync field records.

“Our cloud service gets all of your data from where it is, to where it needs to be, and it delivers it faster and safer than ever before,” said ExakTime CEO Tony Pappas. “Business owners will no longer be stuck reacting to payroll at the end of the week, because we’ve made it easy for them to be proactive in their labor management at any time.”