Exaktime introduced PocketClock/GPS for BlackBerry, software that transforms a BlackBerry smart phone into a portable GPS time clock and management tool for supervisors in the field. Part of the JobClock system, a time and attendance solution designed specifically for harsh or outdoor work environments, PocketClock/GPS lets mobile employees or crews clock in and out at dozens of locations each week. Each time punch includes a GPS fix so the office knows the location of every clock in/out and can quickly view the travel times between locations. Managers can also set a virtual perimeter, or ‘geofence,’ around each jobsite to highlight employees clocking in/out when they are not actually at the work site. The system displays a map, pinpointing jobsites and overlaying attendance data onto the map. With PocketClock/GPS for BlackBerry a supervisor can use the BlackBerry’s camera to take photos at the work site and can also record audio field notes. For more information, visit www.exaktime.com.