Excel Industries sets production volume record

Excel Industries announced April 4 that it has seen an increase in production volume for its current fiscal year. In Excel’s eighth month of fiscal year 2014, production volume on a unit basis reached a level that was equal to the entire previous fiscal year.

Excel’s workforce also continues to grow with a total of 550 employees, including temporary employees, compared to 450 in March 2013.

Founded in 1960 and based in Hesston, Kan., Excel Industries manufactures premium commercial and residential lawn care equipment under the Hustler Turf Equipment and BigDog Mower Company brands. Excel introduced the world’s first zero-turn mower in 1964 and the world’s first all-electric zero-turn mower in 2008. Excel Industries has a global distribution network of more than 1,600 U.S. dealers and 50 distributors worldwide.