Expanded Stihl product lineup designed with professionals in mind

For more than 90 years, Stihl has been defining the future of handheld outdoor power equipment with patented technologies that deliver on the brand’s reputation for power, performance and dependability. This legacy of innovation continues as Stihl rolls out an extensive line of gasoline-powered products built with the landscape professional in mind. Designed for optimal performance on the job, these new products have been engineered for easier use, less maintenance and longer run times, offering landscapers opportunities to save time and maximize profits.

“The company’s pursuit of continuous improvement has resulted in the largest product line launch in Stihl Inc. history,” said Steve Meriam, director of sales at Stihl Inc. “By providing professionals more options, Stihl solidifies its position as the number one selling brand of gasoline-powered handheld outdoor power equipment in America and the number one selling brand among U.S. landscape professionals.”

This spring, the new and upgraded professional models will come with a host of new features and enhancements. The new string trimmers, edgers, KombiMotors and bed redefiner are designed with larger fuel tanks, providing 30 percent longer run times than the previous models. The new units boast a simplified three-step start procedure enabled by the semi-automatic choke lever, saving users time on the job and reducing the chance of flooding the engine. Each product’s vertical pleated paper air filter allows for better filtration, extended replacement intervals and long service life.

In addition, the redesigned and lighter gearbox on the new pole pruners and extended-reach hedge trimmers shift weight to the powerhead of the unit for balance and maneuverability, helping users work for longer periods with less fatigue.


Additions to the Stihl range of professional gas-powered products include:

  • Seven string trimmers: the Stihl FS 91, FS 91 R, FS 111, FS 111 R, FS 111 RX, FS 131 and FS 131 R
  • Three edgers: the Stihl FC 91, FC 96 and FC 111
  • Three KombiMotors: the Stihl KM 91 R, KM 111 R and KM 131 R
  • One dedicated bed redefiner: the Stihl FB 131
  • Five pole pruners: the Stihl HT 102, HT 103, HT 132, HT 133 and HT 250
  • Four extended-reach hedge trimmers: the Stihl HL 91 K (0°), HL 94 K (0°), HL 94 K (145°) and HL 94 (145°)



The introduction of these new professional products is part of one of the largest product launches in Stihl Inc. history. Other new Stihl products to be introduced this year include: nine battery products, launching as part of the new Stihl Lightning Battery System and nine additional gas-powered models, including a new line of Stihl pressure washers. With an ever-growing product lineup, Stihl now offers one of the broadest ranges of diverse handheld gasoline and battery products in the industry.