Fecon introduced the Stumpex CUL stump grinder designed specifically for compact utility loaders. This new slow-speed, high-torque cutting attachment mounts to compact utility loaders with 10 to 20 gpm of hydraulic flow, and 2,000 to 3,000 psi. Its open frame facilitates material flow, while a powerful robust drive generates up to 4,000 ft. lbs of torque to tackle any species of wood. The durable 340-pound attachment provides a long service life, even in rocky conditions. The Stumpex CUL removes stumps from 4 to 11 inches with a single plunge, and stumps greater than 11 inches with multiple plunges. Its slow speed ensures a safer work environment with faster cleanup.

A hardened auger cone ensures positive draw into the stump, while stepped blades of ½-inch-thick durable AR500 material rotate at slow speeds. The low-rpm auger bit leads to easy work site cleanup without flying debris. There are no carbide tips to replace, and no flying projectiles, making the Stumpex CUL a safer, low-maintenance approach to stump removal.