Firestone Announces a Global Rebranding of its Rubber Liner and Geomembrane Product Offerings

Firestone Specialty Products Company, LLC, in conjunction with its European counterpart, within Firestone Building Products, will move toward a global brand standard for all rubber liner and geomembrane offerings. This standardization will include updates to the current product lines to better serve the distribution and retail channels. Ultimately, this transformation will result in two internationally recognized brands of EPDM — PondGard for the decorative/residential sector and Firestone EPDM Geomembrane for the commercial/industrial sector. In addition, cost down initiatives to the PondGard offering will be instrumental in maintaining the brand’s dominate position within the residential lining sector.

“Currently, the same quality products we sell in the U.S. are sold under a different brand name in Europe and other parts of the world,” said Mark Munley, vice president of sales and marketing for Firestone Specialty Products.  “As more companies we do business with expand their reach beyond their own borders, they insist on receiving the same high-quality products they have become accustomed to in their local markets.  By eliminating brand confusion, we will maintain the highest level of consistency for our customers, the world over.”

As Firestone standardizes its global offering, it will maintain universally acceptable conformity standards, recognized for the applicable sector the product is used in.  Additionally, Firestone will reference both the International System of Units (SI), as well as U.S. measurements on all packaging. Firestone will continue to adhere to strict manufacturing guidelines, providing customers with the most appealing, dependable and cost-effective product solutions.

The following provides a general product overview of Firestone’s lining and geomembrane offerings:


Firestone PondGard Rubber Liner

A familiar name with a new look – Firestone PondGard rubber liner will remain the universally accepted standard for residential, decorative water feature applications.  PondGard liners will be available in 1.02 mm (40 mil) thickness and come in a variety of panel sizes.  PondGard rubber liners have been used with great success for more than 30 years worldwide.  The ease of installation, fish and plant friendliness and extreme conformability of PondGard rubber liners will remain unchanged.


Firestone EPDM Geomembrane

Firestone EPDM Geomembrane is ideal for commercial and industrial applications.  Firestone EPDM Geomembrane will be offered in 1.14 mm (45 mil), 1.52 mm (60 mil) & 2.28 mm (90 mil) thicknesses, in standard or scrim reinforced membranes, and in a wide variety of panel sizes.  Features include high flexibility and puncture resistance, great elongation properties, superior weathering and aging resistance, exceptional conformance and lay flat characteristics, as well as being plant and fish friendly.


Firestone fPP-R Geomembrane

Firestone MultiLiner RPP Geomembrane will now be called Firestone fPP-R Geomembrane. It will be available in 0.91 mm (36 mil) & 1.14 mm (45 mil) gauges, ideal for prefabrication into larger panels, customized to meet specific project needs.  This reinforced polypropylene/rubber-based membrane has been engineered to provide dependable performance in a variety of commercial, industrial and critical containment applications.  Firestone fPP-R has a high tensile strength for puncture resistance, excellent chemical and environmental stress-cracking resistance, can be installed in relatively low ambient temperatures and meets NSF standards for water purity.


All Firestone product lines are backed by a full line of accessories, making Firestone Specialty Products a convenient, one-stop source for the materials needed for nearly any lining or geomembrane application.

These changes, as well as updates to the overall look of logos, brochures, advertising and web site, will be seen in the coming months.  Firestone is committed to providing our global customers with the highest quality liners and geomembranes for a variety of residential, commercial, industrial and critical containment applications.  We look forward to the new brand and product line updates, and to our continued partnership with our valued customers.  For more information, please contact your local sales representative or visit our web site at

Firestone Specialty Products Company is a leading manufacturer of quality waterproofing membranes for residential, commercial, industrial and critical containment applications, as well as a leading supplier to the modular roofing and masonry sectors.