Floratine Products Group launched a comprehensive new website, www.Floratine.com, that provides turf managers with a wide range of resources to make identifying foliar- and soil-based solutions easier and more efficient.

“Our focus is always on the end-user, so the goal was to develop a website that was easy to navigate with a wide range of turf nutrition information,” says Mike Cavanaugh, vice president of Floratine Products Group. “This is a one-stop resource that any turf professional can use to develop a customized turf nutrition program that meets their unique needs.”

In addition to technical sheets for Floratine’s complete product portfolio, the website also provides a litany of easily accessible university research studies, as well as a nutrient guide – based on the periodic table – that defines key macronutrients and micronutrients and their effect on turfgrass health.

A final element of the website is the inclusion of “Dr. Tom’s Corner,” which spotlights timely advice and trends from Dr. Tom Watschke, Professor Emeritus of Turfgrass Science at Penn State University.

Floratine Products Group

Floratine promises to deliver only the purest, most technically advanced foliar- and soil-based solutions to their customers. In order to maintain this promise, Floratine uses only the purest and finest raw materials in the world and crafts them into plant-strength technologies that are rooted in science. For more information about Floratine and its complete line of turf nutrition products, call 901-853-2898 or visit www.Floratine.com.