Flowtronex expands portfolio of innovative solutions

Flowtronex, a Xylem brand, is broadening its comprehensive portfolio of system solutions with its newly launched Oasis g2, Flowtronex SSE- II and three additions to the PACE portfolio, all of which feature state-of-art controls; best-in- class remote monitoring; and complete pump station communications that include diagnostics and historical data. These Flowtronex products, and many others, deliver reduced energy consumption and extend the life of irrigation equipment for golf course superintendents.

“Golf course superintendents are seeking ways to integrate technology and ease-of-use features into products that provide strategic results. Our cost-effective products exceed those needs and help water management operators reduce energy consumption and increase operational efficiencies,” said John Collins, Global Product Manager, Flowtronex.

The Flowtronex SSE-II, floor-mounted pump station is the brand’s first configured-to-order package system available with three-main and two-main pump options. Advanced features now come standard, including premium efficient motors and intuitive full-color touch-screen interfaces ranging from 3.5- to 12-inch sizes to accommodate any price point. SSE-II stations integrate precision control with variable frequency drive (VFD) efficiency to provide golf course superintendents with fully customizable programming. Power guard protects the system against voltage spikes to prevent station damage and extend the life of the product. A cutting-edge fertigation system syncs irrigation schedules with fertilizer and other turf management chemicals to ensure balanced dissemination to reduce product waste. Additionally, the SSE-II integrates with the course cultivation leader Toro, Lynx system for seamless and highly efficient turf irrigation management.

The Oasis g2 is the next generation of high-performing pump controls, offering easy navigation for smooth pump operations of up to three-main pumps with its computerized control interface. It is ideal for retrofit applications, providing a cost-effective way to upgrade existing system controls with a panel that meets new technology standards. The g2 can also be incorporated into a control panel with VFDs for enhanced system efficiency.

PACE essentials, with its 3.5-inch screen display, is affordable and versatile, available on station, panel retrofit and door retrofit applications. Users can reduce energy consumption, keep costs low and achieve desired volume and pressure with all the software capabilities of the PACE Integrated Pump Controller, in a simplified cost-effective package.

PACE Door Retrofit KIT enables golf course superintendents to maximize the life of their pump stations, while receiving the advantages of the latest technologies from the PACE Integrated Pump Controller. The Door Retrofit KIT is a plug-and-play solution for systems 15 years-plus but can realize increased energy efficiency and the benefits of remote monitoring and diagnostics offered by the PACE pump controller.

PACE Integrated Pump Controller sets the bar for operators with a wide range of intelligent pump station communications, promoting productivity and scalability to help overcome current market challenges. Its 5.7-inch or 12-inch color touchscreen interfaces display a unique resource management tool and communicate future irrigation activity before it happens, preventing costs associated with pump system catch-up.


“The PACE Integrated Pump Controller, among other Flowtronex products, maximizes irrigation efficiency beyond water consumption, reduces energy costs and provide source-to-course water management tools,” said Collins. “To demonstrate our commitment to water management technology, Flowtronex is continuously providing superior go-to-market capabilities, illustrated by the 16,000 pump stations we’ve installed in more than 70 countries.”

Flowtronex systems are manufactured using top-quality components, and all pump systems are UL listed. The brand’s products are featured in 79 of the 100 top golf courses in the U.S.

To learn more about Xylem and its Flowtronex brand, visit Booth 3933 at GIS or www.flowtronex.com.