Foster Lake & Pond Management has been maintaining and managing stormwater ponds and devices throughout North Carolina for years as part of their full service lake and pond management services. However, new regulations and requirements have greatly increased the importance of having qualified stormwater device inspections and maintenance. The company recently hired Wesley Haskins, who was a Stormwater Compliance Specialist for the Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation. Haskins will be based at the Garner, NC office and responsibilities will include:

Providing technical assistance and compliance inspections for stormwater ponds and devices throughout North Carolina
Providing account management for the full range of lake and pond management services provided to residential, commercial, municipal, industrial and recreational clients and customers of Foster Lake & Pond Management, Inc.

New and existing residential neighborhoods, as well as commercial properties, must have stormwater Best Management Practices (BMPs) comply with federal, state and local requirements. Routine inspections, appropriate maintenance and prompt repairs are necessary to avoid expensive fines. Excess sediment, nutrients and bacterial sources must be captured and treated by these devices to reduce stream pollution. Johnny Foster, President of Foster Lake & Pond Management, Inc. is delighted to have someone with Haskins’ knowledge, experience and integrity join the 28 year old company. “We’ve known Wesley since 1997, through his work with private lake management companies in Virginia”, Foster said. “The increased importance of stormwater regulation compliance in North Carolina coupled with Wesley’s desire to renew comprehensive lake management activities provided an opportunity we couldn’t refuse.”

Haskins, his wife (an elementary school teacher) and two daughters (ages 5 and 8) have moved to Johnston County. “I look forward to being part of a growing company and hope to help the company continue to grow with my experience” Haskins said. “I know the importance of properly managed stormwater devices and I think I can help our clients save money over the long term.”