General Equipment Company introduced its line of TCT Series augers for heavy-duty drilling projects. These new augers work with General Equipment’s full line of DIG-R-TACH hydraulic earth auger attachments as well as competitive models. When given adequate torque and down force, they excel in tough ground where other conventional augers struggle or even stop.

Engineered to withstand high stress, the TCT Series is ideal for drilling in soft sandstone or limestone formations, caliche, hardpan and other tough materials. To penetrate rock and compacted soil, the augers feature boring heads cast from alloy steel, and the bits are manufactured of conical tungsten carbide. Furthermore, they incorporate high-strength sectional flighting designed to minimize material fallback.

The TCT Series comes in 36-, 48- and 60-inch digging depths and 6- to 36-inch diameters. For maximum compatibility all models are available with 2-inch-round, 2 9/16-inch-round, and 2-inch-hexagonal auger drive connections. This allows them to attach to popular models of skid loaders, mini excavators and tractor/loader/backhoes.

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